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Boost Confidence Pack

3 lessons for $225

 Build confidence in your Learner with a 3 Lessons Pack!  You will be amazed how much they will learn. Then you can start to enjoy driving around with them!

Offer includes 3 x 1 hour lessons


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10 Lessons with a Qualified Instructor is equal to 30 Hours in your Log Book! 

10 Lessons equaling 30 Hours in your Log Book for $700! Thats cheaper than the Fuel you would use to drive around for 30 hours yourself!

Offer includes 10 x 1 hour driving lessons

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Learn & Pass

Learn & Pass

The easiest way to learn how to drive on the Gold Coast.

20120411 091349Learn and Pass Driving School is focused on providing high quality Driving Lessons on the Gold Coast that will teach you how to drive safely on our increasingly crazy roads and will give you all the necessary instructions on how to pass your driving test.

We offer highly professional lessons with a team of  Young , Patient and  fun  instructors.  All lessons will give you confidence, knowledge and skill to bring you closer to P plate time.

And remember, the first 10 hours of driving with a Professional Driving School will equate to 30 hours in your log book.

With a variety of fantastic package deals to choose from, we are sure you'll find the package to suit you.

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Talk to us

Talk to us

There are three ways you can contact us. Book online, call us, email us and we'll make your driving experience easier.
We'll contact you

We'll contact you

One of our instructors will contact you to make your experience with us personal. Here you talk to real people!
Get Driving

Get Driving

Our instructor will pick you up and take you for a lesson with your chosen car at your chosen location.

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