No Minimum age to sign the Declaration

Changes have been made to allow you to sign the Driving experience Declaration or the Prior Driving Experience Application before you are 17.

This Means you may sing and submit your Logbook or Prior driving experience application As soon as you have completed your 100 hours of supervised on-road driving experience ( including the 10 hours of night driving experience). Dont forget that every 1hr lesson with Learn and Pass Driving School equals 3hrs in your Logbook, 10hrs with Learn and Pass Driving School Gold Coast equals 30hrs in you Logbook, after 10hr with us, each hours there after equals 1hr.

You STILL must wait until your are 17 and have held the Learners licence for 12 months to take the Q-SAFEPractical driving test, but the above changes allows you to submit your logbook and have it assesed so you are ready to take the test as soon as you are 17.


No requirement to witness your signature

The requirement for your signiture to be witnessed by someone who hold a valid Queensland open drivers Licence has been removed.


No time limit for gaining your supervised driving experience

There is no longer the three year time restriction for gaining your 100 hours of supervised driving experience, so aslong as you hold a valid Learners Licence and are appropriately supervised any driving experience will count towards your 100 hours... But try to not leave it right up to the 3 years to get the 100 hours, give yourself at least 2 months time before the 3 years is up so you can book a driving test and have time to rebook again if you fail the test the first time.


Cooling off Periods if you fail your Q-SAFE Practical Driving Test

Make sure you gain lots of practice in a huge range of driving conditions before you take the Q-SAFE practical driving test. Learn and Pass Driving School has got an excellent pass rate with honest Driving Instructors that will let you know if your ready to Pass the test. It really pays off to do as many driving lessons as you can afford, (driving is dangerous, and it pays to be as good as you can be) we will teach you all that you need to know to pass the test and more!

* If you fail once you still need to wait till the next day to re-sit the test

* If you fail twice you must wait at least 7 days to re-sit the test (you may re-sit it on the 8th day).

* If you fail three or more time you must wait at least 28 days (you may re-sit it on the 29th day).

 NOTE. You dont have to wait the cooling off period to end prior to making a booking to re-sit the test.driving lessons gold coast, changes to the queensland logbook Q-SAFE practical driving test

Double Demerit Points for Mobile Use


The rules has now started for the double demerit points for Mobile phone usage.  It is only double demerit on the second offence. The first offence is 3 demerit points and the second offence, if it is within 12 months of the first offence, is 6 demerit points. 

So, keep  that phone on a hands free or Bluetoothed through the sterio. 

Learners and P1's aren't allowed to speak on the phone at all. So now speaker or bluetooth. Just don't answer!


Did you know that P1 Licence holders Aren't allowed to speak on the phone at all while driving. Even hands free. And their passengers aren't even allowed to speak on the phone if it is on loud speaker.

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