Do you need to Learn how to Tow and Reverse a Trailer or Caravan?

We can offer you  a Caravan/Trailer Towing Course on the Gold Coast!  This course is for People of  all  ages that are thinking about, or have purchased a Trailer or Caravan and would like to make sure they are capable of handling and reversing there new pride and joy.

In this 3 Hour Course, you will learn about:

  • Important Legal requirements when towing.

  • How to safely tow a caravan/trailer on road with sensible loading tips.
  • How to couple and uncouple a caravan/trailer without getting hurt and maneuver to site with ease.
  • Handout covering Basic safety and security checks.
  • Managing fatigue safely and responsibly with your partner.
  • Driver etiquette (everyone has been stuck behind a slow caravan that never moves over) 
  • How to park it like a pro!
  • Injected with Tips and Tricks.
  • You will  receive a FREE booklet with all information that we discuss on the day and a very handy pre trip checklist that can fit in your glove box. Tick it off before every trip and you will know you haven't forgotten anything!


Course is for 2 people, so bring along your partner or friend.  

Feel Free to contact us for more information or go to Learn2Tow
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